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  • MAGA Instant Rebuild Nail...

    Price zł30.00

    INSTANT Rebuild is not only PROTECTION, but above all OPERATION!

    The innovative formula of the MAGA INSTANT Rebuild conditioner, based on a patented complex

    KERA - KLEVER®, thanks to the keratin fibers contained in the recipe, sticks the layers of the nail plate and stimulates the matrix to increase nail production!

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  • Nail Oil from Tsubaki ENERGELA

    Price zł14.99

    MAGA Cudaki z Tsubaki are two-phase cuticle and nail oils based on Japanese Camellia (Tsubaki) oil, where power of oils compilation is combined with a holistic approach to care! Inspired by josei - manga, lightweight oils grease the cuticles around the nail plate, restore their proper condition, especially after treatments with a milling machine, and protect against excessive water loss. Thanks to the light formula, they are quickly absorbed, and the unearthly fragrances inspired by the Japanese garden will put you in a wonderful mood and help you achieve zen in a crisis situation (it's good to always have Cudaki with you!). A volcano of positive energy or a romantic fighter? Decide which one will join your pack or just… invite them both!

  • MAGA Instant Nourish Nail...

    Price zł30.00

    The modern formula of the conditioner contains a complex of vitamins A, E and F, which is designed to protect the nail plate from the harmful effects of free radicals and eliminate discoloration resulting from frequent treatments.

    The addition of keratin effectively strengthens the plate and restores its beautiful, healthy appearance!

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  • MAGA Cuticle Remover

    Price zł10.00

    Żel do usuwania skórek do użytku profesjonalnego

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