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  • Prestige no. 1

    Price zł104.55

    The MAGA VEGE Nail Colors package is a set of 5 best-selling shades, 4 pcs of each color, packed in an ECO display, 99% recyclable!

    The VEGE Nail colors with fitokeratin line is primarily:

    • Safe nail polish compositions
    • Great pigmentation (full coverage with two layers)
    • Extended durability
    • Consistency: Medium dense; optimal
    • Easy and convenient application (convenient fan brush)
    • Fast drying time

    Bottle capacity: 10 ml

  • Vegan nail cares

    Price zł119.90

    The VEGE Nail Care set contains 5 different nail care products (5 conditioners, 4 of each type), vegan friendly:

    • 100 % Natural Argan Oil 
    • 68% Natural Base & top coat 2 w 1 
    • Vitamin Mix Nail Serum 
    • Nail Hardener 8 in 1 formula 
    • Nail Serum After UV

    Bottle capacity: 10 ml 

    Each package comes with a 99% recyclable display!

  • MAGA Instant Nourish Nail...

    Price zł30.00

    The modern formula of the conditioner contains a complex of vitamins A, E and F, which is designed to protect the nail plate from the harmful effects of free radicals and eliminate discoloration resulting from frequent treatments.

    The addition of keratin effectively strengthens the plate and restores its beautiful, healthy appearance!

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  • MAGA Cuticle Remover

    Price zł10.00

    Żel do usuwania skórek do użytku profesjonalnego

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