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Make your nails the most fashionable jewellery! Love the unique, personalized names and the 10-day durability of innovative Diamond Line classic nail polish system! You are only 3 steps away from the perfect, long-lasting mani: step 1 is the base coat that will increase the adhesion of the nail polish to the nail plate; step 2 is gel polish in your dream shade and step 3 (the most important!) is top coat - fixing! The resin and appropriately selected photoinitiator included in the TOP COAT GEL LIKE composition make the product penetrate into the traditional gel polish layers, creating one consistent, flexible and more resistant to damage layer, which increases the durability of traditional manicure up to 10 days! Try it - LOVE it!

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Showing 21-25 of 25 item(s)

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  • Prestige no. 15 Figa z Makiem

    Price zł10.99

    Another purple plum?This time ... Figa with Poppy!You will lose yourself in the immeasurable depths of deep, dark purple, which tempts with luscious color and predatory intensity.Discover the secret of the perfect manicure - surrender to the sweet promise of this color on your nails :)

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  • MAGA Diamond Gel Like Top Coat

    Price zł10.99

    Traditional manicure with hybrid varnish durability? Now it's possible!

    The revolutionary composition of TOP COAT GEL LIKE means that the product penetrates the layers of traditional varnish and sticks them together, increasing the durability of traditional manicure even up to 10 days without chipping!

    Diamond Line is the quality of professional nail styling products that you can enjoy at home!

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