No 200 - 211

No 200 - 211

Professional gel polish

MAGA hybrid gel polish are definitely more than a large numbers of colors - as if by magic, every color gains amazing powers thanks to mysterious recipes, deeply hidden in our laboratory in Łódź! Open yourself to magic and see what is invisible to the naked eye! The basic collection of MAGA hybrid gel polishes, a set of almost 100 halftones that you will not find in other collections! Bestselling reds, baby blue and royal blue in an amazing combination, 50 shades of Gray (and literally!), Crazy greens, laveder violet and other interesting purples and they ... juicy, neon pinks in combination with powdery, pastel, delicate roses ! The half-shades you've been looking for for a long time, now within your reach! So come on, paint your world ... colors created in Poland!

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  • 210 UV Nail Polish MAGA...

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    Lakier hybrydowy.

    Stosować na bazę hybrydową lub żel.

    Użyć top coatu hybrydowego na wierzch zdobienia.

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