Kera-Flex System

Next level of proffesional manicure

What defines the best uv gel polish? Resistance to mechanical damage, maximum durability, minimum risk of allergies (read: safe composition), comfortable application and of course ... maxi cover with minimum layers!

Well ... what's going on with these keratin hybrids? We already translate! Keratin Gel Polish with Kera - Flex System is the first innovative formula of uv gel polish on the market based on the flexibility factor, designed with your safety and comfort during application! What does this mean in practice? The hardened layer of uv gel polish is flexible enough to "work" with the nail plate to stay on it as long as possible!

Ah ... and let's not forget about the phenomenal color palette and their crazy names, which will surely inspire many hybrid mani!

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  • Color: Black
  • Madam Diabolo keratin gel...

    Price zł19.99

    If you still ask yourself "Czoko Latte or Bubble Tea?" then…. we are unlikely to help you make this decision! One thing is certain - Opposite Red reigns supreme, which means that whatever you choose from the collection of uv gel polish with the Kera-Flex system, you will be on top! Say "Kon'nichiwa!" Mrs. Tokyo, go crazy with Madam Diabolo or just… Be Violet! It’s Up to You! We know from proven sources that Insta Chick will choose Hub-Róża, because its ... WyBondowy colour, Brownber Friend screams "Mi AMOREd!" and Bordo Hours is always followed by Insomnia Blue! PEACEFUL - you will also find something Boho style, such as crazy… Los Moros! We say to all lovers of current nail trends ... Red and Love! We are with you!