Cleo Mermaid

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Do you want to get the effect of a smooth pane, like a mermaid tail? Rub the pollen in the Top Coat dispersion layer (UV Top Coat Liquid Crystals) or directly in the UV Nail Polish!

Are you expecting more? Sprinkle wet Top Coat No Wipe and enjoy the effect of sparkling snow!

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Seemingly colorless, fine brocade ... but the mermaids feel the best in the oceanic depths!

Rub the pollen in the Top Coat dispersion layer or directly on the uv nail polish and discover the kaleidoscope of colors that the pollen conceals in combination with your favorite color!

Do you want fully enjoy this amazing effect? Combine it with black, which brings out all the colors of the glow!


Color Blue Violet/ Fuchsia
Collections SYRENKI
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