020 Taki Tam... Rambutan!

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Takie Tam ... is a collection of 12 neon signs so juicy and appetizing that ... fingers lick!

Kiwano will highlight your tan and make you feel ULTRA SEXI!

Mango - unobvious, but of course the most fashionable of this season!

Taka Tam ... Mandarin is ... it's not Taka Tam at all ... Mandarin! Prepare for a real earthquake - an explosion of brightly neon, intense orange color!

Lemon is a volcano of energy that will give you positive mood every day for up to 3 weeks! Forget about "sour" expression - this Citrine will make you stop smiling!


Characteristic Neons
Volume 6 ml
Color Pink Red
Collections TAKIE TAM
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