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1. MAGA Diamond Line Nail enamel

The Diamond Line series was created to fulfil the customers' requirements for top quality products. If your nails have ever been damaged by the application of hybrid nail enamel, we want to help you regenerate them. It is also possible that your nail plate is naturally weak and needs some help. This is why our nail enamel contains diamond dust which makes the nail plate smoother and lets it regenerate. The enamels are perfect for use between the applications of hybrid enamels or simply if you don't like using them on an everyday basis.


Appropriate technology makes the manicure last for 7-14 days. By using a base, enamel and a top coat, you can achieve enough durability to be able to change the colour when you want to, and not when you have to! 

How about removal? It's a piece of cake, a regular nail polish remover will do the job.

We've also provided a few solutions that make the application more pleasant. A cap using the Soft-Touche technology lets your fingers rest, and a fan-shaped brush enables everyone to paint her nails perfectly.

In addition to our nail enamel collection, we offer a range of products that allow for easier application and removal of hybrids. Cleaner prepares the nail plate perfectly and removes the oily layer after application. Acetone with added glycerol prevents the skin from drying during the removal of hybrid nail enamel.

2. MAGA UV Nail Polish - UV Hybrids

The great products for professionalists who prefer the creamy consistency of uv hybrids over the comon one. We were focused on preparation of the product you will love to work with. It is easy to apply the hybrid near the cuticles since the density and reology of the product is similar to common nail polish rather than hybrids. In the same time hardening under UV lamp light and durability over 14 days made this product unique. Enjoy it! 

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