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Innovative formula of liquid effects
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Innovative formula guarantees
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New collection
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Colorful murals, atmospheric tenement houses, the vibrant Stables of Lodz Unicorns in the heart of the city ... this is where our innovative products are made! In our offer you will find everything you need to make a safe, extra strong manicure: skin-friendly cosmetic liquids, fantastic files made in Poland, liquid glitters, which gives you spectacular effects, 10-days nail enamel system, keratin gel polish with innovative system or the most charming, super sweet DROPS nail polish! For over 20 years, we take care about high quality nail polishes! Their great covering colors, personalized names and amazing, modern design of the bottles are a real treat for those of you who appreciate time, convenient application and trendy colors! MAGA products will allow you to do a professional manicure in your own and then they will be great gadget for photo of your nails on INSTA or Blog! So come on, paint your world ... with colors from the biggest catwalks!


MAGA nail polishes are definitely more than a wide range of colors - it's real magic hidden in modern, designer bottles! Every each color gains incredible power, thanks to mysterious recipes, deeply hidden in the mysterious recesses of our laboratory in Łódź! Open yourself to MAGA and see what is invisible by the eyes! What do you have to do? We will reveal this secret ONLY to you! So ... say the spell in your mind: "one, two, three ... my color today will be You!" (isn't that easy ?!), unscrew the bottle, brush the nail plate, make one precise move and…  smile on your face will stay for (at least!) the next 10 days! But remember - if you release the power hidden in the MAGA bottle once, your longing for a new manicure will come back like a boomerang! Don't defend yourself against the inevitable! Do not fool your nature! Reach for new colors and do not let longing beat eternal happiness! Decide for yourself what power you want to have!


So... what's up with these uv gel polish with keratin? Watch out! Keratin Gel Polish with Kera - Flex system is the first on the market, innovative formula of hybrid nail polish, based on the flexibility factor developed with your safety and convenience in application! What defines the best hybrid nail polishes? Resistance to mechanical damage, maximum durability, minimized risk of allergies by using only safe ingredients, comfort of application and of course ... full coverage with the least number of layers!

Ah ... and let's not forget about fashionable colors that will surely be the inspiration for more than one nail stylization! Do you already have your favorite?


MAGA INSTANT NAIL CARE is a bestseller line among non-formaldehyde conditioners that not only protect, but all above… work! Use them with MAGA I Love Paris Oil and see that it's a PERFECT DUO! Cuticle oil is not only a perfect compilation of oiling ingredients and regenerating the skin around the nails, but all above a long-lasting fragrance inspired by the world's most-chosen perfumes!

Innovative formulas of MAGA INSTANT conditioners, based on carefully selected active ingredients that provide comprehensive nail care and allow you to rebuild them after various mechanical treatments.

INSTANT Rebuild conditioner was awarded the "Złoty Lotos" statuette in 2019 for the best product of the International Beauty Days Ptak Warsaw Expo 2019!