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  • Milling machine DM208

    Price zł129.90

    Are you looking for a functional milling machine for the preparation of cuticles, shaping nails and / or safe removal of hybrid, gel or acryl-gel styling that will work in a beauty salon? Or maybe you are a beginner and wonder which home milling machine will be the best? The compact milling machine DM208 is the answer to all these questions!


    • Power supply: 220V / 50Hz
    • Power: 40W
    • Ergonomic design
    • Rotation: right / left (built-in switch)
    • Switch and speed control in the power supply / base and / or with a pedal
    • Smooth speed control from 0 to 35,000 rpm
    • Cutter diameter 2.35
    • Warranty 24 months

    Importer: AllePaznokcie

  • Crimp

    Price zł6.49
  • Magnet cat eye

    Price zł9.99

    Magnet to assume cat eye effect and many more!

  • Manicure sticks

    Price zł3.50

    A set of 10 wooden manicure sticks, cut off on one side and tipped on the other for easy removal / removal of cuticles from the nail plate.

    Use them also to apply decorations on your nails!

    One product - two uses! :)

  • Gift wraping of up to 3...

    Price zł5.00

    If someone asked you about one word defining a unique gift - what would it be like?

    For us, it would be ... EMOTIONS!

    The MAGA gift box is a ready idea for giving emotions to a loved one in a unique, original way!

    Select a gift gift MAGA there is no way that it turned out to be missed!

    How to create a unique gift? It's easy! Just 3 steps are enough ...