1. General information.

The owner of the website www.sklep.maga-lab.pl is MAGA Cosmetics Sp. z o.o. Ossendowskiego 6/8 Street, 93-228 Łódź Poland NIP 9820390849..

The purpouse of the website is to enable cutomers to buy products which are presented on the website.

2. Complaints

2.1. All complaints should be send to: michal.gugala@maga-lab.pl.

2.2. You have 14 days to send unused product without giving a reason. Money is send back in 14 days after receiving the product.

2.3. The company has 14 days to replay to eventual complaint and to send the money back. Please remember that the reason of complaint should be described in e-mail massage or in a later attached to the delivery. You should also mark the order number and add the bill.