Discover MAGACOSMETICS – where innovation meets passion! We are more than a team; we are a family of enthusiasts, blending positive energy, creativity, and passionate professionalism. Our collaboration is a synergy of talent, determination, and experience, enabling us to create unique, original solutions in the cosmetics industry, from concept to final product. At MAGACOSMETICS, we believe that together, we can achieve wonders!

Proudly representing Polish quality from Łódź on the international stage since 1998, our longstanding experience and continual innovation are key to fulfilling the expectations of our most demanding wholesale and retail clients. Find a wide array of products for nail styling and care - from classic nail polishes to innovative hybrid varnishes and gels, as well as nourishing cuticle oils and conditioners, all crafted with your nails' beauty and health in mind.

At MAGACOSMETICS, each product is a testament to our passion and commitment. We offer not only exceptional products under our own brand but also create OEM solutions tailored to the dreams and needs of our clients.

Join us and create your world of beauty with MAGACOSMETICS!


Company Owner,

Mirosława Białkowska – Gugała