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    Cuticle and nail oil ?

    The best oil for cuticles and nails should have a safe, natural composition and multifaceted effect - on the one hand, it should grease the cuticles around the nail plate thanks to the appropriate compilation of light-formula vegetable oils, rich in vitamins, fatty acids and microelements, which will take care of the appropriate condition of the skin, especially after treatments with a nail milling machine, and on the other hand, ensure an appropriate level of hydration by protecting the skin against excessive water loss! A good cuticle oil should also absorb quickly, have a sterile, aesthetic packaging and a beautiful fragrance (something for the senses!) for good frame of mind and make the manicure pure fun and pleasant time!

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    PRO Nail oil: 

    • Soft and nourished skin
    • Improvment of nail plate condition
    • Higienic application with dropper
    • Luxury fragnance


    All people who cares about their hands.

    Put one drop of the oil on the skin area you want to nourish and rub it with fingers.

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