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  • MAGA Azure Fairy

    Price zł9.99

    SPECTACULAR, new ... MATTLove !! Fall in love with fabulously intense colors in the pastel-matt version! Do you want to give your manicure character? Nothing easier ! Polka dots, flowers, compositions ... arrange them as you like and get a custom, salon manicure in a quick and easy way! Free your artistic soul!

  • MAGA Mega HOLO Effect

    Price zł9.99

     Olśnij wszystkich mocnym blaskiem wybierając MAGA Mega HOLO

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  • MAGA Decorative Powder...

    Price zł9.99

    Wejdź w świat bajek i zaczekaj na swojego księcia aplikując pyłek MAGA Zakochana Księżniczka.

    • Pack

    Set of Dancing Queen gel...

    Price zł191.92

    You're back to the game. Every beat is like hitting your heart. Darkness is intersected by colored headlamps directed at you. The sphere whirling overhead reflects the flash of your eyes and spreads it around. You start dancing. Dance is your breath. You breathe on the dance floor to the rhythm of your favorite music. Night - your element. Parquet Your Kingdom. It's your world. It's all you. A real Dancing Queen. Only. Unique. Phenomenal. Which color expresses you?

  • Dancing Queen 900

    Price zł19.99

    Let yourself be carried away by the hot latino rhythms, without which the Rio de Janeiro carnival does not exist! A flaming orange, gently falling in green - yellow tones, glitters to the rhythm of hot samba. A glowing fire that never goes out. Free your senses - discover yourself with a new one.

  • Moss Green

    Price zł14.99

    Apply on your fingernails and watch it in maxi magnification! See the smoothest elements, which you cannot see during a Walk in the Forest!

  • Cinnamon

    Price zł14.99
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