Base and Top coats - UV hybrid

    Hybrid manicure - how to start?

    UV Base coat and UV top coat for hybrid gel polish are absolutely the most important! It is worth to spending more attention and time on choosing these two products, because they determine the durability, safety and final appearance of your manicure, which should be absolutely priority for You!  

    The best hybrid base and top coat - which one to choose?

    The number of products of this type makes you dizzy! Base Coat 5in1, 8in1, 10in1 ... protein base, vitamin base, top no wipe and top coat with dispersion, glossy finish and matte finish… which are worth paying attention to? First of all, choose a safe composition that will not adversely affect the condition of your nails - go for MAGA! MAGA Hybrid bases and tops are made from start to finish in our laboratory in Poland, ONLY from high-quality raw materials! Thanks to this, they are safe products (minimized risk of allergies), innovative and convenient in application! 

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