Gel Polish Kera - Flex System is more than just a wealth of colors! Try the first on the market, innovative formula of uv gel polish, developed for your safety and convenience during application!

MAGA Gel Polish Kera – Flex System is:

- time saving  
- comfortable application     
- resistance to mechanical damage  
- optimal consistency 
- great pigmentation (full coverafe after 2 layers)  
- maximum durability 
- minimized allergic effect    
- minimized unpleasant smell

Kera - Flex System is ultramodern formula based on the flexibility factor [N / m2], developed by our laboratory in cooperation with the Technical University of Lodz, in which we used a patented component containing hydrolyzed keratin particles to ensure maximum safety of our gel polishes!

Gel Polish Kera - Flex System are the most durable in combination with Gel Polish Cover Hard Base, but are also compatible with other products of this type - with protein bases, rubber bases, super bases, etc. as well as top coats with dispersion and / or Top No Wipe.

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